Friday, August 28, 2015

Savannah Hyundai Safety: How to Drive In a Flood

How to Drive In a Flood

Savannah is familiar with flooding. With four major water ways around the city (Ogeechee River, Savannah River, Tide at Ft. Pulaski, Abercorn Creek), flooding seems inevitable during heavy rains. Weather forecasters predict that this fall and winter we will have even more rainfall due to El Nino. Georgia is one of the top 10 states most at risk for flooding At Savannah Hyundai, we want all drivers to be safe and arrive at their destination especially during unexpected weather.

There are few things you can do before a flood to ensure your safety. First off, pack an emergency kit. “A car emergency kit is a great idea and can really come in handy in a variety of situations,” says Mark Medinger, owner of Savannah Hyundai. A car emergency kit could include a flashlight, maps, radio with batteries, ice scraper, blanket, gloves, jumper cables, drinking water, and flares. Also, familiarize yourself with the roads in Savannah that are known to flood during heavy rains. Check out this link for more information:

So what do you do when you are driving and it begins to downpour? 

1.      Do not drive through standing water. Did you know a car can stall in as little as 6 inches of water and can begin to float in a foot of water? If you can’t tell how deep the water is, turn around and find another way.
2.      Do not ignore barricades. The city barricades certain routes for a reason, so do not think your car can make it through. Not only are you risking serious flood damage to your vehicle, you are putting yourself in serious danger.
3.      Drive slowly through ponding water and go one car at a time. You want to avoid making waves that could damage other vehicles or property.
4.      Remember traffic lights should be treated as a four way stop when they are out. This means you yield to the person on your right before proceeding.
5.      Do not drive through water when you see downed power lines.
6.      If your car stalls, do not wait in your car. If you drive through water and your car stalls out, get out of your car. Grab your emergency kit and go to higher ground. Call 9-1-1 and wait for emergency help. 

Hopefully these tips on how to drive in a flood will help keep you and your family safe this year. For more driving tips, check out our blog at .

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back to School Specials at Savannah Hyundai

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