Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hyundai Santa Fe: Made with Your Family in Mind

The crossover SUV has become veritable competition, vying for its spot as the most used family vehicle. The minivan still does well—it has been updated with all the newest gadgets, and even looks better with smooth curves and fancier frames—but the crossover allows for the same amount of roominess and innovation, while maintaining a tougher, more rugged look.

One of Savannah Hyundai’s best sellers among these crossovers is the Hyundai Santa Fe. It has tons of room with a third row that sits comfortably and has its own climate controls allowing for those high-spirited athletes in the back to cool down without affecting others up closer to the front. The second row is designed to slide back and forth as needed, creating a lot more room—it can even recline to make way for longer objects while still allowing plenty of seating space around it. Below the cargo floor there is extra storage space for handbags, backpacks, lunch boxes—keeping them from getting squished by large, cleated or mud clogged feet. Another bonus is the interior’s durability. Every seat is covered in tough, soil-resistant upholstery which maintains is luster. 

The exterior look of the Santa Fe displays its personality and charm well. The metal body wraps tightly around its curves up to its high grade headlamps and fog lamps—showing that just because it’s a family vehicle, it doesn’t mean it can’t look sporty and cool. 

And just as tech savvy as your children, the 2015 Santa Fe comes with USB ports, audio and phone controls, and a nice, easily operational display screen. Needless to say, you would be hard pressed to find a bored or uncomfortable child riding in this vehicle. 

Do you need to update the family vehicle? If so, I say it’s time to pack up the family and come in for a test drive today.

Andrae Bergeron