Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Safety Tips from Savannah Hyundai

Halloween Safety Tips from Savannah Hyundai

Halloween is this Saturday! As those of us who live in Savannah know, Savannah gets turned up for Halloween! The city has many activities and events from which to choose, but trick-or-treating is still an all-time favorite. To help keep your kids’ Halloween celebrations all treats and no tricks, follow these safety tips from Savannah Hyundai:

  •  Be sure your kids have a safe costume. Masks and other costume items may obstruct your child’s vision, so make sure they can see through their masks. Also, check that costumes do not impede their walk. Falling down or walking into something makes for an awful Halloween. 
  • For younger kids, under 10, have an adult accompany them. If they are going with a family member or friend of the family, make sure your child knows your cell phone by heart as well. 
  •  For older kids going out on their own, give them a cell phone and keep track of their whereabouts. Make sure you approve of their trick-or-treating route before they leave the house. 
  • Teach your kids to cross at crosswalks and to look both ways before crossing the street. Never assume a vehicle is going to stop. There are lots of distracted drivers out on Halloween night, so practice extra care.
  • Stay on well-lit streets and only go to houses with their porchlights on. 
  • When your kids get home, be sure to check candy for anything suspicious. Throw out loose candy or expired candy. Also, only accept homemade treats from someone you know. 

If you are staying home to pass out candy, be sure the path to your front door is clear and well-lit. Keep your porch light on to indicate that you are participating. Also, try to keep pets away from trick-or-treaters- even if they are harmless, kids could still be afraid.

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