Friday, July 24, 2015

Savannah Hyundai: Keep Your Car Cool and Your Pets Safe

Sometimes a family road trip just wouldn’t be the same without our furry family members. It can even be fun to bring your cat or dog on a quick trip around town. But in the summer months, when temperatures are so hot, it can be dangerous to leave your pets in the car. Whether you are taking a road trip or a running errands, be mindful of your pet’s comfort and safety. And sometimes, when it is really hot, the safest place for your furry friend is an air-conditioned home. 

Did you know that a car’s interior can increase up to 40 degrees in an hour? And 80% of the increase in temperature occurs within the first 30 minutes. We’ve all probably seen a dog left in a car while their owner was shopping. This can be a dangerous situation. On an 85-degree day, it only takes about 10 minutes for the interior of your car to reach 104 degrees! And that’s even with the car window cracked open. 

At Savannah Hyundai, “Where Everybody Rides,” we want all members of your family to arrive safely. Follow this tips to help keep your pets safe while riding along:

1.      Never Leave your Pet Alone in the car. Bring a friend along while you jump out to run errands.

2.      Take advantage of the Drive-Thru. You can run a lot of errands without ever leaving your car: bank, fast food, picking up prescriptions or dry cleaning. The workers at the drive thru will probably love seeing your pet as well.

3.      Shop at stores that let you bring your pet in.

4.      Eat outdoors. A lot of restaurants with patios will allow your dog to sit with you as you eat.

5.      On long road trips, make frequent stops for bathroom and water breaks.

6.      Leave your pet at home. Sometimes the best option on hot days is to leave your pet at home in the air conditioning. They might be sad as you leave, but bring home a treat and all will be forgiven!

At Savannah Hyundai, we know how important your pet is to you. Be sure to keep them cool and safe this summer. And if you are looking for a new vehicle to accommodate your pet, check out our inventory here. Hyundai has just introduced the all-new Hyundai Tucson- a compact crossover that is well-designed for family road trips with plenty of room for Fido!

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