Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Year End Sales - Is December Really The Best Time to Buy a Vehicle?

You have done your research and know which vehicle best suits your needs. You have spent time exploring prices and what you can best afford. Now imagine yourself walking into the car lot and eyeing that vehicle you have been wanting. The test drive is over and it is the end of the day. You may be tired and not in the mood to deal with a salesman, but you came with the intent of getting a good deal and you, the savvy consumer, are determined to make that happen. Because it is the end of the day, your salesperson is tired and ready to lock up and leave. He may not be at the top of his game. He has either already met the day’s sales goal or has not reached the mark at all and resigned himself to the fact that the day is at a loss.  Regardless, he is not going to waste time inflating a price, making this a good time to negotiate the purchase of that vehicle.

Following this same logic, buying at the end of the year is propitious on a much larger scale because it is typically when dealers are most anxious to close a sale in order to meet or exceed the year’s quota. Go vehicle shopping the last two weeks in December and you will find yourself negotiating over a sale that must be made. These two weeks are the absolute best in timing, as new models will be arriving soon and the ones remaining must be sold to make room.  If you are eager to move forward there are excellent deals (like the one pictured above from Savannah Hyundai near Hilton Head SC) that start around Thanksgiving.

As with any significant purchase, research, patience, and mediation skills are necessary. And in a perfect vehicle-buying situation, you the customer, as well as the salesperson, are both benefiting from the process. Waiting until the end of the workday is good, holding out until the end of the month is better, but if you can withstand the temptation to buy until those last two weeks in December, you will be able to give yourself quite a nice post holiday gift and for the best possible price. 

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